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Hello followers. You guys are awesome, can I just say? Just to let you know, I decided to try out Wordpress as my blogging platform for a month or so. Think of it as a test run. If I like it, I'll stay there permanently. If not, well its back to this good old place for me. So anyways, this is the link to my new blog. If you want to follow me over there, then what can I say? You're the best! If not, I'll egg your house. You have been warned. :)

Google Earth FAIL!!

So today I was looking at temple square via Google Earth and found THIS ---->

Apparently they installed a giant golden orb in the past week and didn't tell anyone about it....
Closer view:

I think I'll be making a trek to temple square in the next few days.....
Have a nice day!!!

Waxing philosophical.

So right now I'm sitting here with about 2.5 chapters of Genetics unread contemplating summer. The job search hasn't gone well. So far, I've driven 20 minutes to be told a position was already filled by a slightly annoyed man, and emailed back and forth a couple times with someone who is obviously trying to scam me. (No, I'm not going to give you my social security number so you can send me a check to cash for you. Not that much of an idiot.) Basically it looks like my summertime is going to be spent in Monroe.

It was weird, but today I had someone ask me if I missed Monroe, and I actually had to think about it. The whole reason I'm going to all the pain and stress to actually find a job is because I don't want to move back for the summer. I've actually gotten to the point where I think of Salt Lake as home, and Monroe as....back in the day. High school. Childhood.

Don't get me wrong, I definintely still love Monroe. There's a reason I still insist on saying that's where I'm from, when no one actually knows where that is. (Always Monroe, never Richfield. Hey, some things never change.) Its still a part of my identity.

I just think I've turned into somewhat of a *gasp* city girl. I love how many people there are up here, and I love that I can walk into the bank without someone inquiring as to what my parents are up to and how some obscure cousin I've never met is doing. If I want to be anonymous, I can be anonymous. Obviously this doesn't help finding a job, but pros and cons.

Ah well, I told myself I could only do this for 15 minutes and its back to Genetics homework. Bah! Finals why must you be so obnoxious!

Job hunting.

I've been trying to find a job that would allow me to stay in the area up here. Fortunately I think I found the ideal position for me!!

Yep! Sounds perfectly legit and not creepy at all. I think I'll send him my social security number!

Have a nice day! close I can almost smell it!

The thing I love about the end of the semester is that its a chance for new beginnings. I always make a list of goals that never get accomplished, but hey it feels good while putting it together. This time I decided that this summer I'm going to pick one BIG goal and work my butt off to get it done. That way I don't have a billion little goals that I can't keep track of. Unfortunately I have a few options that I've been thinking about of late. So I'm going to list them off, and its up to you, dear readers (aka all 6 of my followers), to vote on which one you like best.

Option 1: Teach myself basic Spanish.
Ok ok, this one may be born out of a burning desire to know what the workers at the HC are talking about when they start going off about something in Spanish while I'm standing right there waiting for my cheeseburger. (Are they discussing the weather, or are they plotting global domination by giving everyone fatal heart disease with their greasy food?) I mean, obviously I'm not going to become fluent in the four months of summer, but I feel pretty confident that with determination and some interactive software I could at least be able to understand some basic sentences like, "Look at all these people eating our greasy food, bwa ha ha ha!" which would at best give me some time to prepare for the takeover. No in all seriousness, Spanish is rapidly becoming the second language of America and I shouldn't miss that particular boat. Plus, I'm probably headed to Costa Rica next summer, and I don't want to be the poor white girl lost in an airport of people jabbering in a foreign language.
Pros: potential new life skill, new eavesdropping ability
Cons: expensive software requirement

Option 2: FINALLY write that novel.
This is ALWAYS a summer goal of mine. There's this great story rattling around my brain that I would love to get out on paper, but so far I haven't gotten past the pre-write. Which is sort of like starting to put on your pants, but then quitting half-way: embarrassing, and potentially big deal. Plus writing a novel is just one of those things that has been on my bucket list practically since the age of 5. Finally accomplishing it would be the greatest feeling ever.
Pros: bucket list cross-off, huge self-esteem boost
Cons: what to do after?

Option 3: Become a health freak.
Now that you've stopped laughing, please continue reading----> I'm getting tired of almost passing out every time I play football/soccer/racquetball/anything active. Plus there are just so many benefits to eating right and exercising regularly. Granted, this is one of those things that could go waaaaaaay too far (no I'm not going to give up on doughnuts entirely or wear a sweat band everywhere I go or ever ever EVER wear spandex pants to go running in) but if there is one thing that seems to be the trick to living a long, healthy life its (big shocker here) being healthy.
Pros: smaller dress size, energy boost
Cons: healthy food is generally disgusting

Option 4: Learn to cook.
Lets face it, my version of a fancy meal is mac and cheese on decorative plates. Probably the most complicated thing I've ever made was hamburger helper, no lie. Basically once I move off campus and don't have some form of meal plan, I'm going to explode from the sheer amount of my pasta intake. So this summer would be my crash course in cooking. I'd buy a cookbook and pretty much start from the beginning working my way through, hopefully by the end actually creating something vaguely edible. (Edible, out of necessity, being a very VERY broad term for not toxic.)
Pros: not starving to death
Cons: seems a lot like conforming...

Option 5: Plant a garden.
So I got this email from the Residence Halls about how they have this community garden in which you can rent out plots for 25$. They provide water and equipment, so it seems like a decent deal. There is NOTHING like fresh veggies from the garden. The only potential problem is that I tend to get very competitive, and with my luck I'd be right next to the gardening champion of the Intermountain West. Since I have no actual gardening experience, I'd probably become known as that crazy girl in the north-west corner covered in dirt, yelling at her plants to grow faster, and setting gophers loose in the plot next door. Hey, if you can't win fairly, sabotage becomes a good option right?
Pros: delicious veggies, possibility of getting a tan
Cons: rather daunting

So that's it. Please tell me which one is your know you want to!

ASUU Elections, or Why I Want a Tree to be Student Body Prez

Another year, another ASUU election. Thankfully I'm not running in this one. I learned a lot running with the ICE party last year, not the least of which being that I'm just not cut out for any sort of popularity contest. And thats very ok with me.

The thing is, I remember last year our platform seemed like such a big deal. Like, "Oh we're going to this, this, and this when I'm elected." Sadly, I actually believed that. When the NOW party was elected, I was kind of sad, but still interested in what they were going to do different the next year.

And the conclusion I've come to is that this year has been no different from last year.

This makes me question what exactly it is that a student body presidancy gets paid to do. I get the whole Assembly/Senate thing and why they're needed, but I feel like most of the platform comes from the people running for Presidant and Vice President. It seems to me that the Student Body President of a college is basically no different from a Student Body Presdient of a high school. So why are we paying them 1000+ dollars exactly?

I just don't understand the point of having a platform of any kind when none of it is ACTUALLY going to happen.

Hmm...actually...this could be good. So this is me officially announcing my candidacy next year! My platform will be:
  • The construction of a playground in space that every student could access for free.
  • The creation of jelly doughnut Wednesday where students only have to stare at the sky with their mouth open for 20 seconds and a jelly doughnut will fall into their mouth.
  • Free tuition for everyone.
  • Drafting Peyton Manning as our new quarterback, no matter that he's way too old for college.
  • Dragons. Enough said.

And my party will be called the Dance Party, where DANCE stands for:
Cotton candy

And everyone will vote for me and when I'm president, I'll do exactly what every other president has done in the past in regaurds to their platform, aka NOTHING!!

But for this year...

Have a nice day!!

Dear Elder, What the Crap!?!?

So about a couple weeks ago I got the MOST random letter of my life. It was from the missionary companion of a friend of mine who I've never even heard of, let alone met. And it was just so....strange. He asked me about a major I'm not in, and then told a story that closely followed the plot of Back to the Future, and then just in case that wasn't weird enough he threw in a Transformers reference or two.

Today I decided to write him back, mostly for entertainment value. I liked what ended up being a really ridiculous story so I'm posting it below.

Dear Elder,

I am so very glad you decided to write me. You see, I too enjoy ripping off the plot lines of popular movies in order to make myself sound more interesting.

Why just last month I was shocked to receive a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry informing me that the recent spider bite I had sustained gave me, not only web-slinging and crime fighting abilities, but also a healthy dose of magical powers as well. As you can imagine, this posed a serious dilemma in my life. Do I continue my college education/undercover superhero activities in the muggle world, or should I take my talents to the magical community instead? The answer would end up being either, for the very next morning who should arrive at my door but a tall man with a flowing beard and cloak. At first I thought it might have been Dumbledore himself, come to persuade me to join his school. However, to my astonishment he simply thrust a small ring into my hand, muttering, "Keep it secret. Keep it safe," before vanishing into thin air.

The odd thing was that from the moment the ring touched my hand, a strange urge to visit Yellowstone began to press upon my mind. I wanted nothing more than to throw the ring down the gaping maw of Old Faithful. Road trip!!!

Unfortunately when I went to recruit my best friend Harry Osborn to my quest, I found, to my dismay, that he had been turned into a talking llama by some ancient-looking woman and her buff, if slow sidekick. So instead I left him in the capable hands of our mutual friend Pacha and went on my way.

The closer I got to Yellowstone, the more I could feel the forces of evil gathering around me. If it hadn't been for my new-found spidey senses, I never would have made it. I soon found myself standing over Old Faithful 5 minutes 43 seconds before it was supposed to go off. The giant eye on the tower they had recently blown all their government funding on seemed to stare down at me menacingly.

As I lifted my arm to hurl the ring into the boiling, steaming depths of the geyser, I became aware of a figure dressed in black carrying a glowing red sword-thing approaching to my left. "Wait," he commanded in a low rasping voice, "There is something you should know." Suddenly the air became clearer and sharper, as if the world was holding its breath. I knew that whatever this strange man had to say next would change my life. "I am," he began, "Your father's brother's cousin's uncle's former roommate."

"NOOOOOooooo!" I yelled and flung the ring into the depths of Old Faithful. For reasons that have yet to be explained to me, this caused the newly built, 9 million dollar eyeball tower to crumble into ruins, completely engulfing my father's brother's cousin's uncle's former roommate in rubble. I never saw him again.

After the crazy events of that day, I did a lot of soul searching, trying to decide what I wanted in life. Eventually I knew what I had to do. I hiked through the seven levels of the candy cane forest, past the sea of swirly twirly gumdrops until I reached the home of the elves at the north pole. They've taken me in, and in return I help cut down on the crime rate. A win-win situation.


Have a nice day!

CTRL ALT DELETE (aka rambling beyond all reason)

And I'll be here by the ocean

Just waiting for proof that there's sunsets and silhouette dreams
All my sand castles fall like the ashes of cigarettes
And every waves drags me to sea
I could stand here for hours
Just to ask God the question, "Is everyone here make-believe?"
With a tear in His voice, He said, "Son, that's the question.

Does this deafening silence mean nothing to no one but me?"

Basically I forgot how much I absolutely LOVE Mayday Parade. And basically I forgot that this is usually about the point in the semester where I stop running and let every single self doubt out there catch up to me. Have to face 'em sometime right? 

I guess the one thing about college I'm starting to dislike is that for everything I feel like I'm good at, there are about six hundred people within a 8 mile radius who are much better at it. Writing? Pretty sure the English major three houses down could tear anything unfortunate enough to be penned by yours truly to shreds. Testing well? Welcome to the Honors House where everyone gets A's all the time, no big deal. Graphic design? Uh...hello Fine Arts house. 

At this point I have to start to wonder, what even makes me unique from the rest of the nameless faces out there? I blog? So does everyone else AND their trained parakeet. I yell minor profanities at the other drivers on the road? Welcome to the Wasatch Front. I can't take overly motivational quotes seriously at all? Pretty sure anyone with sarcastic outlook on life is like that. I used to be pretty positive that aliens were running experiments on me? Um...........ok so maybe I've actually never met anyone else who ever thought that.

Which only means that my defining factor is a pretty large streak of insanity. Fantastic? That's sure to get me far in life.

Have a nice day! 

Epic cake fail.

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. I decided that, being the excellent daughter I am, a double-layered chocolate cake would make a fantastic birthday present. So I went to the grocery store, bought a box cake (hey, I'm not exactly Martha Stewart) and brought it home. Now I'd consider myself a sort of expert in the boxed baking goods industry. I can add that 1 1/2 cups of water like there's no tomorrow, and have done so many times. So when the back of the box said to dust the pan with flour after greasing it, something I've never done before, I had to question. Why? That seemed to defeat the purpose. Wouldn't the flour just combine with the batter and stick the cake to the pan? Not only would that make stacking the layers difficult, but frosting would become impossible. But, being a trusting fool, I did it anyway.

Bad idea.

From the moment I flipped the pan over and the cake didn't come out I knew there was going to be a problem. And I named this problem Master Bart the Horrible. He looks something like this:


So happy birthday Mom...I love you?

Have a nice day!

My not-so new years resolutions.

Every year its always the same. On January 1st I feel all motivated to change my life for the better so I bang out a bunch of New Years resolutions. Then three weeks later I look back and realize that I didn't actually keep any of them. Oops... So my solution this year is to only make New Years resolutions that I can keep. Here is a sampling:

  • I resolve to not light myself on fire.
  • I resolve to turn 20 on April 7.
  • I resolve to watch too much TV.
  • I resolve to make fun of stupid people.
  • I resolve to say I'm going to start going to the gym, but never actually do it.
  • I resolve to quit drinking. (Hello. My name is Marie and I am 19 years sober.)
  • I resolve to procrastinate my homework until the bitter end.
  • I resolve to pretend to lose five pounds, while in reality staying at exactly the same weight.
  • I resolve to slip and fall in the snow at least once.
  • I resolve to not dye my hair purpleish green.
  • I resolve to put on deodorant at least once every day.
  • I resolve to always wear clothes in public.
  • I resolve to say something really stupid at least once a month, if not more.
  • I resolve to never watch whatever Twilight movie is due to come out next.
  • I resolve to not put pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and sauce on my hamburgers.
  • I resolve to reread the entire Harry Potter series over the summer.
  • I resolve to feel self-conscious in a swimming suite.
  • I resolve to speak with an American accent.
And the list goes on...So here's to New Years resolutions and the ability they have to change people's lives!

Have a nice year!