Epic cake fail.

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. I decided that, being the excellent daughter I am, a double-layered chocolate cake would make a fantastic birthday present. So I went to the grocery store, bought a box cake (hey, I'm not exactly Martha Stewart) and brought it home. Now I'd consider myself a sort of expert in the boxed baking goods industry. I can add that 1 1/2 cups of water like there's no tomorrow, and have done so many times. So when the back of the box said to dust the pan with flour after greasing it, something I've never done before, I had to question. Why? That seemed to defeat the purpose. Wouldn't the flour just combine with the batter and stick the cake to the pan? Not only would that make stacking the layers difficult, but frosting would become impossible. But, being a trusting fool, I did it anyway.

Bad idea.

From the moment I flipped the pan over and the cake didn't come out I knew there was going to be a problem. And I named this problem Master Bart the Horrible. He looks something like this:


So happy birthday Mom...I love you?

Have a nice day!

My not-so new years resolutions.

Every year its always the same. On January 1st I feel all motivated to change my life for the better so I bang out a bunch of New Years resolutions. Then three weeks later I look back and realize that I didn't actually keep any of them. Oops... So my solution this year is to only make New Years resolutions that I can keep. Here is a sampling:

  • I resolve to not light myself on fire.
  • I resolve to turn 20 on April 7.
  • I resolve to watch too much TV.
  • I resolve to make fun of stupid people.
  • I resolve to say I'm going to start going to the gym, but never actually do it.
  • I resolve to quit drinking. (Hello. My name is Marie and I am 19 years sober.)
  • I resolve to procrastinate my homework until the bitter end.
  • I resolve to pretend to lose five pounds, while in reality staying at exactly the same weight.
  • I resolve to slip and fall in the snow at least once.
  • I resolve to not dye my hair purpleish green.
  • I resolve to put on deodorant at least once every day.
  • I resolve to always wear clothes in public.
  • I resolve to say something really stupid at least once a month, if not more.
  • I resolve to never watch whatever Twilight movie is due to come out next.
  • I resolve to not put pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and sauce on my hamburgers.
  • I resolve to reread the entire Harry Potter series over the summer.
  • I resolve to feel self-conscious in a swimming suite.
  • I resolve to speak with an American accent.
And the list goes on...So here's to New Years resolutions and the ability they have to change people's lives!

Have a nice year!