Goal Setting is for Wierdos.

It seems like college is a time for goal setting. EVERYONE has some sort of goal, usually reflected by whatever major they choose. (with some exceptions...Gender Studies major??? Whaaaa?) I have a lot of random goals. Some big. Some pretty basic. Like right now. Basic goal? Make it through till next weekend without some sort of major breakdown. Long term goal? Become as cool as this woman--


Have a nice day.


Today my good friend Amanda and I were taking a walk after dinner. We decided that going through the gazebo would be kind of a fun plan. While there, we got distracted by a huge fuzzy bee that was just sitting on the railing. Apparently we were staring at it for several minutes when an older man came over and introduced himself as Dave Figgy and asked us if we were there for utenited. We weren't and didn't even have any idea what it was. However, we talked for a bit. Dave was a really cool guy! But soon he had to go off to his utenited duties, so Amanda and I settled in the grass to watch some boys play soccer.

Then some random kid on a bike came over and told us to come get some cookies and join in the utenited fun. So we though, eh. What the heck. Every one there was way cool and super nice! We found out that utenited is basically a Christian group on campus that meets every once in a while for bible study, etc. It was a little awkward to be there as an LDS person because I don't think they generally get much of the LDS population involved in their program.

We did pick up these little numbers:

All flyers talking about utenited events. I was a little confused at first by the red
one, as its for a male bible study session, but the back side is for the female counterpart.

I think Amanda and I are going to go to one of their events. I mean, heck, why not! The people were really cool and it can't hurt. I'm way curious about what they talk about, and, even though I'm not looking for a religion/religious group per se, I still think it might be really interesting. 

All that from stopping to look at a fuzzy bee in a gazebo...this is why I love the U!

Have a nice day.

My Three Closets.

I got moved in to my new living space today. And this is what I discovered...

Yep, thats right. They gave me a closet of my very own! Whoo! But wait...just in case I didn't have enough space to hang all my clothes...

YES FOLKS! Its true! They've given me ANOTHER closet! Unfortunately I don't have enough clothes to fill up this second closet. But...just in case I did...


What the heck am I supposed to do with three closets???????

Have a nice day.

Summertime: Lists and Dang Good Memories.

As I was packing up my stuff, I found a list I wrote in May of everything I wanted to do this summer. Needless to say, there was not very much I could cross off said list. Which is unfortunate. However, there are several things I could add.

I converted this storage container into a home fit for...well maybe not a king
 exactly, but a migrant worker would definitely find it adequate.
Ta-Da!! Four months of hard labor later...

I watched approximately 40 hours of
 Star Trek: Voyager in threeish weeks.
Mostly for this man...and because 

I'm a nerd.

I unintentionally stalked this kid  at one in the morning.
And then picture-napped this photo off Facebook...

I bought this car, and then cried over how much it cost me.

I learned that DI does actually have some cute clothes...
you just have to be inventive.

I said a wrenching goodbye to two of my best friends for two years...
and then promptly got over it.
Well, sort of.
I finally visited the
Mystic Hot Springs,
 and basked in the epicness of it.

I survived the Richfield Singles Ward without killing
anybody... a feat of amazing mental control.

I almost snuck in and went hot tubbing in a motel.

I participated in the best toilet papering job the Frandsen
home has ever seen. Not bad for a beginner..
 I learned how to use basic power tools,
 although the subtleties of  the
 whole "righty tighty, lefty losey" thing
 is still lost on me.

I lost my heart to an adorable kitten who then ripped it to shreds,
much as he tore apart my arm.

But most of all I learned a little bit about myself and the relationships I have with other people.
    None of these may be as exciting as going sky diving, or visiting the Hoh Rainforest in Washington, but they still made my summer amazing. And I'm infinitely more grateful for my wonderful friends and family.

    Now I move back to college tomorrow and I'm not entirely sure what to expect. I'm a little anxious about going, but another thing I learned this summer is that this home is too small for three adults to reside peacefully. So goodbye Monroe, UT and hello again SLC!

    Have a nice day.

    The First Post!!

    Well. Here it is. On this the 19th of August, 2010 I make my maiden voyage on the sea they call...BLOGGING! *insert triumphant music* We aren't well acquainted yet....but here's to a future full of many posts and insightful statements about life. I christen thee "Living on the Sly" and would smash a bottle of champagne onto thy most excellent bloggingfulness if it didn't mean sacrificing the life of my computer. So here's a picture instead?

    Have a nice day.