Waxing philosophical.

So right now I'm sitting here with about 2.5 chapters of Genetics unread contemplating summer. The job search hasn't gone well. So far, I've driven 20 minutes to be told a position was already filled by a slightly annoyed man, and emailed back and forth a couple times with someone who is obviously trying to scam me. (No, I'm not going to give you my social security number so you can send me a check to cash for you. Not that much of an idiot.) Basically it looks like my summertime is going to be spent in Monroe.

It was weird, but today I had someone ask me if I missed Monroe, and I actually had to think about it. The whole reason I'm going to all the pain and stress to actually find a job is because I don't want to move back for the summer. I've actually gotten to the point where I think of Salt Lake as home, and Monroe as....back in the day. High school. Childhood.

Don't get me wrong, I definintely still love Monroe. There's a reason I still insist on saying that's where I'm from, when no one actually knows where that is. (Always Monroe, never Richfield. Hey, some things never change.) Its still a part of my identity.

I just think I've turned into somewhat of a *gasp* city girl. I love how many people there are up here, and I love that I can walk into the bank without someone inquiring as to what my parents are up to and how some obscure cousin I've never met is doing. If I want to be anonymous, I can be anonymous. Obviously this doesn't help finding a job, but pros and cons.

Ah well, I told myself I could only do this for 15 minutes and its back to Genetics homework. Bah! Finals why must you be so obnoxious!